mario catalano for white 7

Primavera 2015, ispirato alle collezioni del momento ecco il lavoro realizzato nelle vetrine dello storico, bellissimo negozio in Lecce 'White7'. Acrilico su pannelli.

In september/october 2015 I had the opportunity of meeting and spending a great time with Carl Heyward and other artists from Gap (global art project)

in Lecce Italy, while the group did exhibitions and workshops .
Well, I just need to say that it was a great experience.
With what I have learned during that time, I made these artworks following inputs received from this experience. I was waiting for something like that since, something that would give me the spark to see different ways.
So I decided to use these techniques to work for a window in a clothing store named WHITE7 . The inspiration is the new winter 2015/16 women's collections. It ' a historic shop in Lecce, is very nice and for me it is an honor to work for it.
This is an article on Vanity Fair that shows WHITE7 among the best 10 shops in Italy.
Thanks GAP, thanks WHITE7.
I made mixed media artworks, looking at the colors and stile of the collections, then I cut them in clothes shapes as a big Paper Doll's Kit... here is the result.
The large % of the material is the left overs from the GAP's workshops at Monica Lisi studio (thank you)
and many thanks to Akiko Suzuki, Vered Gersztenkorn, Ron Shelton, Ron Weijers -enVisual Dialogue, Glen Rogers, John Crabtree, Carl Heyward, Redux, Massimo Nota, Pina Nuzzo, Caffè Cittadino, Mauro Marino, Stefano Cacciatore....

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